Boating Can Be a Blast!

Many hours of fun are waiting for you when you are able to including boating in your vacation. Whether you Tubingare in the boat fishing, or being pulled behind the boat on a tube, you can have an excellent time. Visit the Lake Websites for information on boating at the lakes. Just click on a state then pick your lake.

Tubing at Brookville Lake in Indiana>


If you are bringing your own vessel to the lake, be sure to check on the specific legal requirements. State registration, lake permit, and an inspection station visit are just some of the details to review.

BoatingMost lakes allow speed boats, but some do not.  Be sure to follow the individual lake stipulations.  Some of the small ramps are for non-motorized boats only. Do not try to load in your vessel on ramp not suited for it.

Aquatic hitchhikers are a real nuisance and an environmental problem. Make sure your motor and boat bottom are cleaned before traveling from one lake to the next. Many states require an inspection before launching and provide cleaning stations at the docks.Pontoon-Boating

A party boat rented from Four Winds at Monroe Lake in Indiana>


If you plan to rent a boat, check for the rental links on our websites. A boat rental is a great way to make the most of your day. Most lakes rent fishing boats, canoes, kayaks, and paddle boats; some also rent wave runners, speed boats, pontoons, and party boats. Whatever you are looking for, you can find out the details on our lake websites.