Brookville Lake Sailing Association BLSA

   The Brookville Lake Sailing Association is a fun-loving group of sailors from all over the Tri-State area. Sailing is our passion. We sail on the best sailing lake in the area, and our home base is in the best sailboats-only marina facility, Hanna Creek.  Our members sail the widest variety of boats imaginable, from small sailing dinghies to large, comfortable cruising sailboats. Above all, we’re not a “snotty yachty” organization…we’re a family-oriented group who love to sail, love sailboats and enjoy the camaraderie of others who feel the same way.
We offer sailing fun for all levels of ability and interest.  If you’re a novice, we have experienced veterans who can help you build your skills. If you’re an expert, you’ll find lots of equally skilled company. If you just want to have sailing fun, we can contribute there also.
We enjoy a close relationship with the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, and present an organized voice on issues related to sailing and sailing boats on Brookville Lake. We’re also members in good standing of the United States Sailing Association.
Membership in BLSA is a pleasant and fun way to increase enjoyment of your sailboat on the best sailing lake in the Tri-State area. Our members will welcome you and your family into BLSA, and you’ll build friendships that will prosper outside the world of sailing.
We invite you to join us now, for this sailing season and for many more to follow. We would consider it our privilege.
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Brookville Lake Sailing Association History
In 1974, the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) opened Brookville Lake, and a small group of very dedicated people established the Brookville Lake Sailing Association (BLSA) (see  Founding Members listing, below). In 1982, the first phase of the Hanna Creek Sailing Marina was opened, with the 5-ton power hoist becoming operational at this facility in 1983.

     The USACE continues to manage the lake in its primary function as a flood control reservoir for the Ohio River system, while the Indiana Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) oversees the surrounding park and marina facilities. BLSA works with both organizations to ensure the continued development of shore and water facilities to be used for sailing.  In 2004, BLSA began gathering information to document the water depth in the Hanna Creek cove.  The silting problem is becoming critical in this area and this data will assist the government entities in preparing a mitigation plan.  Besides working with these agencies, BLSA’s purpose is to promote and encourage the sport of sailboat handling, water safety, seamanship, competitive sailing, and on-and-off water social activities.

Brookville Lake Sailing Association members hail from the surrounding area in Indiana, Southwestern Ohio, and Northern Kentucky.  Membership in BLSA is open to anyone interested in the fun and fellowship of sailing.  BLSA offers a complete schedule of year-round activities for our members. These events begin with the spring “Ice-Breaker” dinner, continue with many social activities, the racing program, and sailing seminars, then conclude with the Winter Awards Banquet.

     Races are held on many weekends during the season. Both cruiser/keel-boat and dinghy/day-sailor classes are accommodated in the racing program. In 2004, BLSA expanded the racing program to include two fleets.  In 2005, this format was modified to allow the growing fleet of J/24s to race in a one-design format with the other racers competing under the Portsmouth handicap system.  The “P” fleet competes throughout the season for the club championship, the “Ed Griffith” Cup, and the J/24s challenge for a trophy honoring the late Jim Duffy.  The BLSA racing program continues to evolve.  In recent seasons, we have been running a single fleet.

     The club made a major step forward in 2006, with the purchase of a covered pontoon boat, powered by an outboard engine.  The boat is the official ‘BLSA Activities Boat’, and is used as a Committee Boat to enhance the racing program.  Since the boat’s acquisition, the BLSA racing program, in particular, has experienced major improvements.  Used as Committee Boat during races, the Activities Boat has been a huge help in setting course markers, establishing fair starts, monitoring finishing positions and times, and providing an additional safety margin.  This has made the BLSA race program far more professional and more fun.  As club members become more familiar with the benefits and potential of the Activities Boat, more and more social events will be developed to take advantage, and to add additional fun to BLSA social functions.

     Thanks to specific member contributions and annual dues, the club was able to purchase an equipment trailer in 2009. The trailer is used primarily for storage of all social event equipment and supplies.  The addition of this trailer to the club’s assets has been a tremendous help in setting up and running our various social functions.  

     Social events are tied to the racing schedule to include as many members as possible.  Most events are free to BLSA members, although some involve bringing a covered dish or paying a small fee.  A complete schedule is posted on the Hanna Creek bulletin board.