Before fishing in Brookville Lake or the nearby rivers, you must have an Indiana fishing license. For information on obtaining a resident or non-resident fishing license click here.

Brookville Lake is known nationally for recreational and sport fishing. Anglers can be seen fishing throughout the year for game fish which have been stocked in Brookville Lake: catfish, muskellunge, bass, crappie, bluegill, rainbow trout and brown trout. But the most popular fish are the delicious walleye.

As many as 7,000 walleye are caught annually with many ranging from 24-29 inches. Brookville walleye are also plentiful enough and large enough to supply eggs to stock other Indiana lakes. Around the months of May and June, walleye fishing hits its peak.

Annual fishing tournaments are held at Brookville Lake. State records have been set for striped bass and muskellunge. Anglers from around the country come to the reservoir with high hopes of catching “the big one”!

For the folks who enjoy fishing, but do not own a boat or the rigging, professional guide services are available.
Another major fishing attraction for the Brookville Lake area is fly fishing. The East Fork of the 
Whitewater River is the primary feeder to the Brookville Reservoir. The cool tail waters have created one of the tri-state’s most top-rated fly fishing spots. Working together, the US Corps of Engineers and the US Fish and Wildlife Service have created an environment in which the water released from the bottom of the dam is never above 71 degrees, creating the “Brookville Tailwater”. The tailwaters, stocked with brown trout and rainbow trout, run for about 2 miles before they join the West Fork of the Whitewater River. On any given day, fly fishermen can be seen testing their skills along those precious two miles.
So whether you enjoy fishing from a boat, from a dock, from the shore, or standing in the current, Brookville Lake has some of the best fishing around.