Fishing So You’ll Have a Story to Tell

Attention all anglers:

  • Be sure to obtain a state fishing license. Whether you are fishing from a boat, a pier, or the shore, you will want to be legal. Nothing like a hefty fine to ruin a good day.
  • Most of the lakes post the regulations for size and limit right at the boat ramps and piers, so you will be able to check on those stipulations when you arrive. Throw ’em back if they’re too small.
  • Ask the locals about the best bait and lures to use in each lake. Trust the ones with trophies on their walls. They obviously know what they’re talking about.
  • Be aware of fishing tournaments that may be at the lake. Competition is tough and the leisure fisherman may not be well tolerated.

Our websites have maps and helpful information for fishing in each state. Simply click on a state and then a lake to go to the site. We list the most popular kinds of fish in the lakes and offer useful suggestions in rigging and more. Check out the information before you cast in your line. You don’t want to have to tell about the one that got away!


Lake Oahe, South Dakota

<Anglers Pier             Fish Cleaning Station>

Nearly every boat launch site at Lake Oahe has a well-maintained fish cleaning station. With gut grinders, water sprayers, and trash receptacles, these stations make it easy to prepare your daily catch for dinner. Bring your own knife and cooler with ice.