Group Shelters

Glendo State Park has many group shelters and some can be reserved for your special event gathering. Reservations can be made by calling the park office at (307) 735-4433. Narrows Bluff is in the Sandy Beach area on the east side of the lake. This is a very nice large group shelter with two big charcoal grills, electricity, and a serving shelf along two of the walls. There are convenient pit toilets nearby. Cottonwood is a shelter with random camping sites in the vicinity. Lighthouse Shelter is located in the Shelter Point CG area and has a nice view of the dam. It is ADA accessible and has several tables and a grill. Two additional group shelters are in the campground, but are a first come availability. Whiskey Shelter is located in the Whiskey Gulch CG and is reservable. It has water hydrant, grill, pit toilets, and dumpsters. Pine Knob, a bit older with two grills, is also in this area, but it is first come.