Guernsey Dam and Powerplant

The Guernsey Dam and Power Plant are well worth a stop as you visit the state park. There is a picnic shelter, fire ring, grill and pit toilets, so you and your fellow travelers can certainly spend a bit of time here. We hiked the Red Cliff Trail, a CCC construction (as are many of the trails), and it included stone steps, bridges to cross, and absolutely spectacular views. In the immediate dam area, stone paths provide an easy walkway to the viewing platform which has several benches for you to sit and enjoy the waterfall with the mist rising from the churning spillways. A more rugged trail allows the adventurous members of your group to walk further out onto the point. The dam area is truly a worthwhile place to explore, though the geology placards present a one-sided, millions-of-years viewpoint, unfortunately. We choose to see the geology as a testimony to a global flood and merciful God.