Lakeside Dining at its Finest!

Scenic View Restaurant at Monroe Lake and Ainsley’s Cafe at Brookville Lake are excellent choices for outdoor lakeside dining. Each restaurant offers unique features, but what they have in common is a wonderful menu full of delicious meal options! Be sure to treat yourself to a savory meal at whichever one is closer to your favorite lake.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIf you are near Monroe Lake, the Scenic View Restaurant is open for lunch and dinner all week and includes breakfast hours on the weekends. Outside seating gives you the opportunity to look down at beautiful  Monroe Lake from their hilltop location. The table umbrellas provide shade from the sunlight, and the landscaping creates very pleasant scenery. While nearly all the tables were filled when we visited, we did not feel at all crowded.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

An assortment of tasty appetizers allows you to begin your meal quickly. We feasted on the shrimp cocktail – five huge jumbo shrimp along with homemade cocktail sauce! Scrumptious!

Dinner options ranged from pasta to chicken to seafood to steak and more. We decided on a spinach salad with bacon and mussels in pasta with a sauce. Both were presented artfully, and we thoroughly savored every bite! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe service was prompt, attentive and very friendly. We could not have been more pleased. For dessert, we split the huge hot fudge brown sundae and calling it delectable is an understatement.

For those enjoying Brookville Lake, Ainsley’s Cafe is the place to go. A multiple-level covered deck right on the lake, OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAoverlooking an incredible marina, gives you an amazing atmosphere. Rain or shine you are protected from the elements. In addition, a nice breeze off the lake keeps insects and heat under control. We were served by an attentive and helpful staff who met our needs before we even asked! And you can easily fit a meal into your vacation schedule since they are open Tuesday through Sunday in June, July, and August.

While there are plenty of tempting choices for appetizers, our group of four moved directly into theOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA main OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAcourse. Two of us had seafood (orange roughy and walleye), one had a cheeseburger, and one had a spinach  salad. The meals were prepared with care, were attractive in presentation, and were delicious to the taste! All of us were very satisfied with the flavors and size of the portions. Overall it was a wonderful experience and we all looked forward to our next chance to visit again.

Although we certainly had already had enough to eat, we each indulged in a dessert as well:OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA cheesecake, warm pecan pie a la mode, key lime pie, and Texas sheet cake sundae. Again, delectable is the word that comes to mind. I would strongly recommend this extra course with your meal!

With these two reasonably priced, wonderfully located restaurants available, you want to be sure to include a meal from Scenic View or Ainsley’s. You will be glad you did!!

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