No boat? No problem!

You can enjoy the thrill and fun of boating on the lake by renting a boat for the day. Fill your cooler, grab your sunscreen and towel, head to the dock, and you can embark on a great time for all! Cruising with the wind in your hair, floating with the sun on your face, or tubing over waves with the water spraying, it is hard to beat the excitement of a day at the lake on a boat!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I got to spend Mother’s Day this year on a 12-person pontoon boat from Kent’s Harbor Marina. There were nine people in our group and we had a blast. The weather was fantastic, the boat was clean & comfortable, the food we had brought along was excellent, and the day was one to remember! A boat rental is perfect for making a good day GREAT, and you are free of the hassle of hauling, trailering, and cleaning the vessel. I highly recommend including a boat rental in your vacation for maximum fun on the lake!

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