Wyoming Boasts More than Yellowstone

Wyoming offers incredible scenery, wildlife, and natural beauty. Yellowstone National Park is rightly a destination worth experiencing. However, Wyoming boasts more than Yellowstone. The state parks we visited were each unique in their own way. If you are able to, include a few nights at these parks as well.

Beginning in the northeast corner of the state, as you cross into Wyoming from Sturgis, SD, you come to Keyhole State Park. This park is convenient to the interstate, yet off the road enough to be untarnished by sights and sounds of the roadway. Multiple camping options, a marina, playground and beach, and most impressive, cliff jumping are all available for your recreation. Visit the Keyhole State Park website for additional details.

Just a few miles east of the entrance to Yellowstone is Cody, WY, and the Buffalo Bill Reservoir. This state park has many native animals that are also in Yellowstone: long horn sheep, elk, moose and more. Our campground was right at the water’s edge and the sunset was spectacular. The dam construction and history is interesting and quite an accomplishment. The visitor center can give you all the details.

Seminoe Reservoir and State Park are more centrally located in Wyoming, and are particularly suited for ORV enthusiasts. Surrounded by miles and miles of mountain trails and sandy terrain, this is a perfect location for a weekend of fun on a four-wheeler. Most of the RVs were toy-haulers, and the occupants were on the hills. The surrounding mountains are stunning in color, formation, and size.

Three parks are near Cheyenne, WY, in the southeast corner of the state: Glendo, Guernsey, and Curt Gowdy. Each of these is famous in their own right. Glendo, the furthest north on I-25, has many small primitive camping sites all around the reservoir. Guernsey has construction by the Civilian Conservation Corps that is worth seeing. Curt Gowdy has three reservoirs, is known for great fishing, and is close to much Wyoming history.

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